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The Boy Who Grew up into a Guitar by Paul Badger

Did you hear about the boy
Who grew up into a guitar?
One day he was skin
But he woke up one morning
Made of wood and steel strings
And as he went to the mirror
To study this change
There was a cable
Trailing along the floor behind him
For the amplifier.

He would have asked
Julie to the pictures
But every time he spoke
The saddest chords cried out

Kenneth Goldsmith Sensorium Bulk Direct by Chris Sullivan

Goldfish by Gary Zazulka

PoetSpeak says: This is quite the lively listen! Way to be creative with your audio, Gary.

With neither mind nor might to set things right,
Their gold and silver tails dance,
Unmindful of the backdrop of false light.

With strength to glide through open seas,
Damnation enjoys their beauty,
And seldom listens to their choked-off pleas