And more

Here, contributors share other sites where they like to listen/read/indulge in poetry:

The Sycamore Review

Ink Node



Poems by Heart

Poetry Society of America

The Poetry of William Marr

Poetry Society of Oklahoma

Western Australia Poets Inc : In case you find yourself Down Under (and west), you’ll be able to connect with other poets. This site also has literary journals and a poet database.

Poems For All : You MUST take a look at this. Too cool to ignore.

New Ohio Review: Poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. This particular link is the audio page, where you can hear authors read their work.

Slate’s weekly poetry podcast

Mark Doty

Chicago poetry tour

Visualized poetry: it’s a little…..trippy…..

Public Radio Exchange: Okay, it’s not exactly poetry, but it’s still great to listen to.

The Moth: Also not poetry, but these are amazing stories.

The Poetry Society of Michigan: “Life makes writing poetry necessary to prove I really was paying attention.”

One response to “And more

  1. Blue’s Cruzio Cafe
    – Animated Poetry – Cartoons! Poetry’s oral tradition twisted into the internet in an interesting way.

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