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The Mountain by E. D. Faulkin

Take your chance when it comes
Leave your post or dwell in chains
Run to the mountain,
Fly like a bird,
Live in the liberty of your unjaded youth
And then one day,
When old and gray,
And slow by the fire
Both strong men retire
Youth has fled,
And the light of the mountain is dead…
Do not hesitate to recall to memory
Each journey the mind did take
The mountain,
The eagle,
The bear,
The soft cool stream of young loves forgotten dream
How you escaped the death of sidewalk and city street
How once,
The mountain merely whispered
And you crushed it,
Beneath your courageous feet!

Copyright Notice: The poem,”The Mountain,” as well as the audio, is the intellectual property of E. D. Faulkin and may not be posted or used without express permission by the author.(C) 2010 E.D. Faulkin all rights reserved.