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For Jacob, at Seven by Rachel Bunting

You are a storm without warning;
cactus spikes with no body sticking
up from the middle of the road;
your stinging mouth always moving,
asking, singing; you are kinetic,
never potential; winged and buzzing;
your hands, your legs, all of you is
growing, no longer small; you are colors
and noise, a traffic jam downtown
at 4:30 on a gorgeous Friday afternoon;
a jet cruising through the clouds; a Pollock
painting come to life; scrambled eggs frying
in a pan; a tangle of weed roots on the side
of the garden; sticky Kool-Aid drying
on the counter; the bite of gravel into skin;
the finch’s sudden flight.

Channelled Energy by Max Merckenschlager

©max merckenschlager

Jump in back, you kids
up in back o’ ute, under tarp.
Quiet now,       like little
tadpoles  –  no, not wrigglers!
Police might catch us.
Too many tadpoles
no seat belts.

OK,     all out!
Here – take them strings and bait.
Watch us catch them
yabbies in channel
Wall Flat channel.
Now you kids!

Jimmy, you got some?
Yeahs, three.        But need thirteen.
Promised thirteen
old ladies.   Yabbies been ordered.
Saving biggest but
for my grandmother!

You kids done all right
today.       Better than
makin’ trouble in town, ana?
Trouble is,        gove’nment filling
them channels soon.
No yabbies then,               eh kids?