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Friday Haiku Challenge: Your first kiss

Every Friday, we’ll post a haiku challenge on Twitter. Today’s topic was “your first kiss.” We already have some excellent and entertaining responses, such as….

Spiked punch mingling

with Bananarama and sweat:

another lifetime.

From @profound papaya

That spring doors opened

And your lips were soft on mine

It changed everything

From @jesknits


Foxholed together,

I taste soot on his stubble.

Don’t ask and don’t tell.

-From @gabrielgadfly

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Poetry and Parenting: How to Raise a Poetry Lover

Most poetry lovers didn’t catch onto poetry as adults; it turns out, most fans fell in love with poetry as children. Take a listen to this weekly podcast by the Poetry Foundation. It’s a Q & A about encouraging kids to read poetry.

Did you read poetry as a kid? Did you find it on your own, or did someone introduce it to you? Who was your favorite author? Do you encourage your kids to read poetry?


Hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims have increased 1700% since September 11, 2001. Performance artist Anida Ali created a poem of 100 lines taken from police reports of the crimes.

You can hear Anida read her poem here. The link takes you to an hour-long feature by Chicago Public Radio as part of the series “Islamic Reform: Towards a Global Reformation Movement.” Anida starts talking about the poem around the 32:00 mark, and she reads her poem at 43:40.

30/30 challenge. You in?

It’s National Poetry Month! To celebrate, poets across the nation are taking part in the 30/30 challenge: 30 poems in 30 days. A poem a day. Pretty simple. And a great way to make yourself focus and write.

We’re celebrating by….

  • Keeping a list on Twitter of poets who are participating in the 30/30 challenge. If you’re on Twitter, drop us a reply or a direct message and we’ll get you on the list! We’ll be tweeting links to poems written by authors who are participating in 30/30.
  • Facebooking links to poems written for 30/30.
  • Encouraging YOU to post a poem you’ve written for 30/30 to our Facebook wall. Go for it!

If you’d like some inspiration, check out this New York Times piece about how to have fun this month.

So go on, get writing! And good luck!

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