Speak, Poet! by Dylan Barmmer

The sun sets tonight and we softly
celebrate a year of poetry, passionately
written then read
born more than bred

Some spit staccato style, rat tat tat SPLAT!
an avalanche of awesome alliteration
others more muted, all
airy abstract imagery

Awkward odes to gruff fathers
songs about fractured churches
sad poetry scribbled on sagging skin
screaming orgasms inside June Cleaver

These are but thumbnails, see
quick scattered looks into
cracks, corners, crevices
where poets speak Truth to

Everything and nothing at once

Dylan wrote this poem in honor of PoetSpeak’s first birthday.


One response to “Speak, Poet! by Dylan Barmmer

  1. It was an honor, Tara. Thanks for all you do…and all you are. Word.

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